Monday, June 20, 2011

Headbands in your Home Gym!

It has been crazy busy in the culdesac lately! 

While I've been selling furniture 
and shuffling kids, my next door neighbor, Sandee, has 
jumped into the entrepreneur business just like me!

 Sporty Girl Headbands
is her new project where she creates and sells
 headbands that allow you to... 
workout your body without "pulling out your hair"!

Check out and browse the headbands at

Custom orders for your school softball team, cheerleading squad, 
volleyball club or just to match your favorite running outfit!

Sandee is lucky enough to have her own home gym to test out
her sportygirl headbands and here are some tips from a 
previous e-newsletter I wrote on how 
Connell Interiors can help YOU create a space to sweat it out!

Be sure to-

Plan it out:

home gym

If you are lucky enough to have this much room for your equipment, 
planning proper space may not be an issue! If not, choose a corner 
by a window for a great view-

Check out your Form:


No windows in your workout area? 
Install a mirror to keep you on track.

Choose your Color Palette:


Two thoughts: Select warm yellows or cool blues and greens 
for a soothing feeling (maybe for your yoga mood) and 
brighter colors to inspire an intense workout!



Choose a corner in the gameroom so you can keep an 
eye on the kids at the same time.

and Must Haves:


If at all possible, install a television in your workout room, good flooring 
(either tightly woven carpet or rubber mats on hardwood), 
and proper lighting for a positive experience!

Send us a picture of your new figure and you in your Sportygirl headband!

Until next time,

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