Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Day in the Life -- of Site Visits

Some of our favorite parts of creating custom spaces for our clients is seeing the walls come to life! 

Site visits = seeing our visions become reality. Lately we have been on.the.go from one house to another making those visions happen!

What do we do in a site visit?? Take a little peek around and see a day in the life...

Exteriors -- 
- Double checking those windows, any particular paint checks...

Tile - This bathroom has started to form that vision with the inlayed niche and geometric glass tile. 

Trim work ... has been on board this house and is quickly framing each area with care

More *heart eyes* for this beauty of a shower! This Preston Hollow house is pulling out all the stops!

And pouring out into the bathroom floor, is that same beautiful pattern! The care and time taken to lay these tiles speaks for itself.

Picking paint this site visit -- getting in the natural light of each room always helps the decision become final!

Just wait till this wall of geometric beauty is filled with a coat of paint specifically selected for it! Stay tuned guys... its going to be good.

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