Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring at LAST. Outlast the year with Pastels

This spring, bring a few pastels in your space to spruce it up!!

Pastels are not a thing of the past! Mix them with some sharp lines, and fun patterns for a 21st century look on the soft color trends.

Whether in furniture or accessories, 
you can mix and match these spring colors with ease.
They remind us of the Easter themed M&M's that we love so much. 
The bright colors just make everyone think they taste better!! So therefore, your design taste shall be tastier too with new pastels.

 We love these pastel pieces that can play a huge role in your space. 
- adding a vase of colored spoons on your countertop can bring the pop you are looking for
- changing the legs on a bench is a fun and unexpected way to bring a pastel color in that we love!

Are you ready to jump on the pastel wagon this SPRING?

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