Thursday, November 3, 2016

Glamour Guard your Home for Pets

If you have been following Traci Connell Interiors, you know the heart to our design is the "Ease of Glamour" approach that allows you to not only have a beautifully designed home, but also LIVE your life in it without worry.

Today we share some of our tips to our friends with furry children ;)

1. Have a shedding pet? 
Stay away from fabrics like suede and tweed. The fine fibers of their hair tend to get stuck in the fabric with properties similar to that.
2. Have a pet that may occasionally forget to "go outside"?
Use antibacterial padding under your carpets and instead of grout, use epoxy for your tile.

3. Have a pet that likes to rub up against the walls?
Be sure to paint, paint, paint with egg-shell finish so it is easily wiped off. NOT a flat finish.

4. Create Special Places
So they WANT to live in "their" place and not on your favorite chair ;)

Partner with us to Glamour-Guard your HOME!

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