Thursday, July 14, 2016

Styling Secrets Part 2: Coffee Table Essentials

Building on our series from earlier in the week on STYLING, we now move onto the next most important table in the room....

The Coffee Table

We've partnered with Chairish to feature a favorite table of theirs while outlining some of our essential items to be built on this gorgeous table.

Items selected above from Houzz Shop HERE

Read on to hear tips on styling a coffee table from around the web as well as TCI's favorite secrets.

1. A Natural Essential:
Something natural can quickly bring energy to a room, just by a simplistic bloom of flowers or touch of greenery

2. A Statement Essential:
This is a way to show your personality. By adding large or small (varying heights) bold pieces you can add interest to the table immediately 

3. A Book Essential:
You've all heard the "coffee table book" phrase and seen that done over and over. But it REALLY is important to bring in color and texture to a table. You can use to to layer, add height to a short piece or interest your guests

4. The Container Essential:
Having something that you can build inside is important to your coffee table ensemble. Whether it's a tray, small box or chest, this piece can be used to display many treasures.

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