Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spanish Meets Modern at Alys Beach

Spanish meets Modern architecture ....

In a recent trip to Alys Beach, I was struck by the beauty in these homes! 
And talk about inspiration for our projects!!

The contrast of light and dark in the exterior of the architecture is 
something new and fresh.

The shapes, curves and designs of the windows and doors were spectacular and unique.

The soft curves caught my eyes immediately and is a design element that we don't 
use near as often as we should!

Beautiful archways around doors such as these .... amazing!

The use of stucco, paint and wood on this building is an excellent example of the Spanish meets Modern approach!

The contrast of dark windows with the light stucco was another element that struck me. Lets put this new look to good use!!

When I made it back to the office after this amazing vacation, I couldn't help but to let some of my inspiration seep into our newest construction project! 
A Ron Davis Custom Home project we are designing is the perfect place to start. 

From finishes to ceiling design and everything in between.

We plan to use the light and dark contrast with the 
ceiling details of beams and light walls.

 The soft curves are planned to encase the bookcase design.

 As well as door openings ....

We can't wait to see how this takes off!! 
Thanks to the Spanish meets Modern APPROACH!

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