Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Timothy Oulton hits Close to Home!

The British Invasion has a whole new meaning for me. Not only is it all over the design world, 
but my smart, sassy Sissy will be moving to London! As a mom, I cannot be more proud 
of her work which allowed her this opportunity, but I will miss her like crazy. 

This is Ashley... in a nutshell.

We can all learn something from our kiddos and seizing
every moment is what I'm learning from mine these days,
along with... going for it all!

So as I entered the showroom of Timothy Oulton for an ASID event last week,
I felt a jolt of sadness but also a rush of excitement
as I got a taste of what is in store for Ashley across the Pond.

Inspired by timeless, classic design and artisanship throughout the ages, Oulton succeeds in 
creating pieces which combine his love of vintage, his knowledge of antiques and his desire to 
create innovative, relevant pieces of luxury furniture for the contemporary consumer.

The Britain inspired store is located at Knox/Henderson and 75 
which happens to be the first US showroom

Here's a pic of Courtney and I taking a break
from schmoozing

I will surely be back to visit Timothy and his treasures and will 
start planning to visit Ashley and start our adventures.
xxxooo Sis-


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