Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rockin' the Color Block!

Should I take my son's advice in regards to fashion?
Especially when he is extremely vocal in his opinion?

My soft spoken 17 year old called me out for wearing Emerald green
jeans and a Cobalt blue top... he said I didn't coordinate match at all.


Little did he know that I was color blocking with green, blue and black-
my boots and necklace. Little did he know that I color block in my 
interior design work frequently, yet it was highly amusing to listen to him!

Sometimes, we steal it from fashion-

However, this gal is rockin' the colorblock- way better than me!

and... the green and blue look sassy on
 my friend, Cassie, from Hi Sugarplum,

A great definition from Apartment Therapy:
"While color blocking has been a big trend in fashion for quite a while, it's just starting to take off in the world of decor. The idea is to use contrasting blocks of color, and the same rules tend to apply to both fashion and interiors: stick to just two or three bold colors, and colors in the same family tend to work best together."

Here are some great examples from Apartment Therapy's blog:

Enjoy the "color block"!!

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