Thursday, January 17, 2013

Design Delivered: Recent Online Design Packages

Have you discovered our "online design" package for those of you that like to Do-it-Yourselves??
It's called Design Delivered! 
You can read ALL about it by clicking the link above and going to our website.

We recently completed two different projects through Design Delivered 
and wanted to share them with you!

The first was a beautiful Master Bedroom:
We created a floorplan for the family --

And then the stunning design! Each item was described in an excel spreadsheet also given to the client with links of where to purchase the items and prices.

When needed, we also supply elevations to help the client with hanging art and decor.
Definitely one of our favorites!!

Another project was this full home accessory and a few furniture pieces project:
This specific project was "made to order" as they had several different areas of their home that needed items:

From their entry:
-That included a few accessories and small console
 To their Dining:
- they already owned a dining table and chairs but needed the items to complete the room.

Their Stairway Nook:

And lastly their open Kitchen Nook and Family Room:
The client had already purchased the green plates shown below so that was our starting point for the color scheme of this design! We decided to add in navy blue and use pops of the green for accents throughout the home.

I know the ending product will be fun, sophisticated and well put together!
Are you a DIY fan but need a little guidance?? Let us help you!! Check out HERE for more information!!

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