Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doesn't Every Woman Deserve a Craft Room?

Rainy afternoon in Texas and spending the day with an icepack and knee propped on pillow... again!

Arghhh!  I think I threw out the crutches a bit too soon and I'm thinking the trips up and
 down the stairs at three client's homes in one day might have been a contribution to the
new pain and lovely swelling that appeared.

I'm following the doctor's orders, listening to my thoughtful nurse:),
 and wishing I had one of these!

As I think of all the 'things' I should be doing instead of sitting here, I start organizing in 
my head. I will use the excuse that if I had my own Craft Room then I 
would be one of those Scrapbook Ladies.... hmmmm.... ???

My client, Mrs. Cave Dweller, did have her own craft room in her newly built home 
with an work island in the middle along with gorgeous draperies we designed.

Martha always does it right as you can the niche below-

I love this DIY project found on the blog, Simply Grove.  The turquoise and red is so 
fun and the organizational methods are plentiful.
 I'm sure we all can adopt at least one of these ideas for our
 "Craft Closets or Cabinets"!

Here's a sewing room from Apartment Therapy... 
check out the custom height table on cinder blocks... whatever works!

More sewing rooms by Quaint Handmade

The big idea**** A Space for Everything ****

You hear me talk about using your vertical wall space so often and here are 
a few examples of wall systems... a few as easy as painted pegboard.

Last but not least, Home Decorators Collection has come out with an 
entire line designated for all your craft needs....

So if you are in the mood, get out your empty containers and get after it!

I'll be right behind you....

Until next time,

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  1. Great ideas here, thanks! I will soon be getting a new craft room : )


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