Friday, July 2, 2010

Market Madness: Day Five- Misc Pics!

Last day to share my recent Dallas Market Finds with you!  Today I will show you some random pictures I took... things that just caught my eye.  Remember, that is a good way for you to start your decorating inspiration file- just collect photos of rooms, furniture pieces or ideas that you fall in love with.  Use your file as a head start when hiring a professional interior designer me to help with your design needs!

Hold on! Here goes....

Love these books! You can purchase them like this or use this idea to cover your own perhaps with scrapbook paper. Remember to group like items for impact!

Conversation starter! Keep your wine glasses close... clever storage from Bailey Street.

I do love that black and white! Favorite pick of the pic is the grouping of wall mirrors-

This artwork is special! A repeat of magenta and green from earlier this week!

Really thought this was unique! Buy this one or my custom artists can paint a large piece
split into sections. The bonus is the architectural piece mounted at the top... ooh la la!

Back to my gray and yellow color combo from Sterling Industries

Fun for my Oh, Canada! client!

This one too from The Rug Market

I have loved these wall sconces for a longgggg time and they are finally available off the floor. 
I didn't pull the trigger and now I wonder if I am too late! Courtesy of Jene's

Would love to do another baby's room... call me!

And- back to where we started this week at Global Views

I hope you enjoyed the week of inspiration from my eyes at the Dallas Summer Market.  Now, leave a comment below and let me know what was the favorite thing you saw from the photos!  I'm interested to hear what inspires you as well:).

Until next time,

Images via: Moi


  1. This is my favorite posting. LOVE the wall of mirrors...I will definately use this somewhere! LOVE the area rugs...the color, the design, the texture. Thanks for sharing it all.

  2. You are welcome Alba! I loved every minute of it:)


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