Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Showstopper Copper Ceiling

Congrats to Karen... winner of the CSN stores giveaway!  Next order of business is my visit to Mr. and Mrs. Smith's abode.  Mrs. Smith was not there (I think she was on locating filming), so Mr. Smith was in charge of all the creative decisions... and boy was he excited! 

Our objective was to paint his foyer ceiling inset just like the curved copper metal table that sits in the entry way- and I think we nailed it!!

Here is a closeup of the table-

And here is the ceiling!

The faux team in action-

In the end, the entry is quite dramatic and very unique... just like my clients! It fits them!

The finished product...Looking men sculptures from Global Views

To complicate things, I had my art installer hanging "rappelling men" in the same space as well. What to be efficient with time! They took turns:)

The second guy from the right is actually falling off the mountain... we got a kick out of that (it's the small things and yes, it was Friday)

Back to the ceiling:

Another way to achieve a similar look is to purchase tin ceiling tiles already finished in copper.

Tough to pull off for a round space, but nice for a typical ceiling. Cost wise... I think the faux would be more affordable. 

 Another option for creating the tin ceiling look for a bit less, is to apply anaglypta wallpaper (a huge assortment of textured wallpaper patterns that actually mimic tin tiles) to the ceiling and faux paint it as well.  We just finished this in The Bachelor's dining room, so I will post pics as soon as I take them!

Mind you, this is all fabulous if you are a "buyer" and not a "do it yourselfer".  The thought of me attempting to hang wallpaper on a ceiling is quite amusing and even though faux painting looks incredibly easy, most of the time it will look like your youngest child attempted to finger paint.  Call me if you want to attempt this and I call in the experts... it's worth it!

Until next time,

p.s. We  My son got a 100 on his scrapbook project!!

Images via: Moi, American Tin Ceilings and American Blinds and Wallcoverings

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  1. That ceiling is magnificent! But I'm really more excited that you...I mean...your son got 100 on his project! Great Job! lol


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