Friday, May 17, 2013

Client Project: Modern Gameroom & Unique Pool Table

The Contemporary Pool Table Craze!

The pool table of your dreams (or the man of the house's dreams)...
 doesn't have to look like THIS:
Thank goodness, our client (previously known as New York, New York
has very good taste and kept us in his good graces by 
custom designing this beauty!

 By Traci Connell Interiors

Here are some pics from our photo shoot of his game room:

-Hold your breath when you check out this light fixture-

Check out a few other pool tables from around Houzz and a tip or two to go with it!

1. It's all about the base.
A pool table top.... well other than the color... is a pool table top. 
So bring out the creativity in the base design of the table. 
Metal or wood? Geometric shapes or freeform? 
It's all up to YOU. Be different.

2. Pair your new table with awesome lighting.
In the world today, we are so over the typical 3-light bar billard light. 
Do something unexpected.

3. Don't be afraid to go outside your box.
The game room / pool table space is the one place in your home you CAN step outside
 your comfort zone with no regrets. Enjoy!

Take the step and go for a new, unique game room look!! 

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