Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Bench and Table all in one: The Couef!

To: Traci's Cell Phone
From: Candice the Client

Courtney and I couldn't help laughing at our client's text 
message...she thought it was funny too... probably 
because she knew that her BBQ sauce garnished ottoman
getting reupholstered, but hopefully her son is done 
finger painting on furniture!

I teased her that we are going to add permanent 
plastic to all her new furniture on the way, 
and if she doesn't go for that...
Fiberseal to the rescue!

90% of the time, we specify a luxurious type vinyl for
 cocktail ottoman tops when we are designing with 
little ones in mind. It's indestructible.

Speaking of ottomans- take a look at one of our 
new lines found in High Point...

I dig this for the practicality and it's "cuteness"

Check it out.. it has a hidden pull out table-
PERFECT for a cocktail beverage to sit.

From benches and ottomans...

To bar stools and counter stools
(my fav)....

To tables... great for space concerns and serving-

Be the first to add a Couef to your room!

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