Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beauty and the Beach House

We're back in TX!  

We spent the week at Brigantine Beach, NJ to celebrate my parent's
50th Wedding Anniversary-
Congrats again, Mom and Dad!

Brigantine is located just outside of Atlantic City,
which of course which allowed us to spend some time at the casinos:)

The beach house we rented was beautiful...
just look at the fabrics throughout the house!

Below is the bathroom where my sister stayed....


This was my bath...
(one of these is not like the other!)


1. Do not put a tiny square mirror over the tiny vanity
2. Do not put the light switches between the tiny square mirror and tiny vanity
3. Do not put the ONLY outlet near the floor

Good thing I'm not high maintenance:)

On a serious note, the three level house was gorgeous
and we had a fabulous week with my immediate and
extended families... it was wonderful to see you all!

We gave my parents a party on Tuesday and I decided that if I lived
any where near NJ/NY, I'd be at least 50 pounds heavier... yikes!

I did take advantage of some "me" time
which I cherished early, early in the morning...

The water, my playlist and my Nikes-

Thank you Mom, Dad, Tom, Tricia and the rest of my
NJ family... we enjoyed our visit very much!

Now... back to work!

Until next time,

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