Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Custom Kitchen in Progress: Part 1

Kitchen Envy...

I've started a new project- basically a gut of a kitchen in 
the Knox- Henderson area of Dallas.

My client, New York, New York and I have covered our 
bases, starting with the new cabinetry.

I recommended: Custom 

NY, NY wants: Semi- Custom

I recommended: Glass fronts

NY, NY wants: All wood

I recommended: The white kitchen above (to get out of my system)

NY, NY wants: The opposite:)

(you see how this is going!)

This is an example of a Designer/Client collaborative effort...
which is working...really it is!:)

Here's the before:

and here is the drawing for the after...
A bit more modern-

The drawing doesn't show the cove crown to the ceiling as well as the 
hardware or countertops... I'm crossing my fingers for Silestone and a granite island.

Here's a slight addition on my part:)


Proposed After:


Once we were satisfied with the overall design, 
next was the backsplash tile-

I recommended: 

Linear mosaic... great colors to go with a silver gray quartz counter

NY, NY wants:

But... with the removal of the tropical brown granite and 
addition of some white glass
(my original Plan A until I found the above!)

I'm pushing for the compromise:

Custom tile pattern from Arizona Tile

1. Choose your colors

2. From hundreds of choices

3. Put in the the computer program
by percentage of color preference...

and it's yours-

My job is to propose ideas that will work and 
the client makes the decision...

The one decision made is semi-custom cabinetry
by Kraftmaid. I have to say I am impressed with the 
multitude of options available.

Visit www.kraftmaid.com to see what I mean

I will update as the plan progresses...
I'm glad New York, New York has good taste:)

Until next time,

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  1. so cool -- can't wait to see how it all turns out! hope you're surviving this ridiculous summer!!


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