Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ghost Chair

Enter the vanity stool idea from the youngest daughter.  

My initial thought..."Just one more thing to clutter her already cluttered bathroom"

My solution..."The Ghost Chair!"

Basically it is invisible which is what she needs in there-
(you can typically see the clothing on the floor right through the chair:)

The original owners of our house built this bathroom with their twin 
boys in mind.  Yes, there are two vanity areas in this bath but no knee
space for the gal to sit and primp... a must for a teen ager!

I'm liking it so far!

The trend is catchy... these acrylic ghost chairs are everywhere
and as slight as they are- they make quite a statement!

Images via Decorpad

In the design world, we do see furniture made of lucite
(which is actually a brand of acrylic patented by Dupont)

Here are some shots from the Atlanta Market:

Found this great pic on Patricia Gray's blog and I love how
she included tips for cleaning acrylic and lucite...
Try using hot soapy water and a polishing cloth first-

Don't use Windex! Novus Polish is the product you should use.

As far as other furniture made of lucite, I could go on for days...
(maybe another time)

Sneak peek-


(via Material Girls blog)

The best part is that acrylic = affordable:)

Until next time,


  1. Love the Ghost Chair! Thanks for reminding me how versatile they are.

  2. Not only do I love the Ghost Chair, but I ADORE the cascade of notes and cards hanging from the ceiling! (3rd from the bottom) What a modern and artful way to display cherished messages!

  3. A little acrylic goes a long way. I like how it's used as an accent piece.


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