Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Perfect Palettes: Find the Right Color for your Space

Finding the perfect palette is the number ONE thing that will make the most of your space.

It's the first thing your guests notice as they walk in your door. So what can you do to ensure you PICK THE RIGHT one?!

1. Look at areas of the room that can't be altered - A beautiful whitewashed fireplace set the tone for the cream with a blue outflowing from the center
TCI Project

2. Decorative pieces that take center stage - With flanking art pieces that encompass navy and deep gold/khaki, the rest of the color scheme in the bedding fell right in place
TCI Project

3. The importance of undertones- Select a bolder color and then use neutrals with undertones of the same color temperature
TCI Project

Fail-Safe Color Palettes:
Black and White - Always classic and a simples easy scheme to implement

Monochromatic - Grays, whites, and more shades of gray
TCI Project

Bold Naturals - Earthy colors will always strike a cord and please the eye
TCI Project

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