Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why White Bedding is Wonderful

When we are asked to design a bedroom, we are first ... THRILLED to be apart of the journey for that client, and second .... realize the importance of designing a bedroom.

A bedroom is a safe haven, a personal place for each client and we like to make it speak their story.

The main focal point of every bedroom is just that ... the bed! So how do we make the focal point beautiful AND livable? 

One of the first ways we like to do that is WHITE BEDDING.
TCI Project

WHY white you say?
Because first and foremost its BLEACH-ABLE. We choose washable bedding that you can easily clean in the comfort of your own home, and not worry about dry cleaning, or worse.. not washing at all. 
TCI Project

It goes with ANY color scheme. We can choose any and every accent color to pair it with and that white bedding will fit right in.
TCI Project

Many people desire for their master to be a retreat. To be spa-like or a high end resort feel. White bedding is the key to capitalizing on that feel. 

And lastly, white is always bright. And bright appears clean, crisp and happy. So why NOT?

Call us to transform your dream master bedroom retreat!

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