Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Spy .... An Architectural Flaw

We walked into an architectural review of one of our high rise projects and our eyes were met with this drawing ....

Can you spy the strange design flaw??

You got it?? The microwave!

You'd have to be 10' tall to be able to use that microwave functionally.

We quickly realized how many people (even professionals) forget how important location and function are .... and how they go hand in hand. 

As we researched into microwave placements more and more, we found several interesting ways to functionally use a microwave uniquely. 

1. Under Counter.
Depending on how high you counters are, a simple built-in under counter microwave 
can do the trick

2. Built - In Cabinet : 
Building in a microwave at arm height in a bank of cabinets can provide storage below and above a useful appliance

Another great example:

3. Above Counter:
 Quite different than the TALL placement we were stunned with in our architectural review, this microwave is shoulder height and ready to use.

Where do you prefer your microwave?!

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