Friday, March 3, 2017

Straight from TCI Designers - FriYAY Favs!

Happy Friday to ALL!

Taking a break from a norm to share some of our favorite trends and products with you...
straight from our designers' brains! 


"When I saw the wine, dog and kid pics, I knew this carpet would be perfect for our Stoneleigh Residence high rise project. Especially since we chose white! A soil and stain resistant performance fabric is what we have to use to make this luxurious home livable."


"I MUST have one of these built in herb gardens! We have to incorporate this ASAP"

"I have also been wanting to use one of these colorful Grohe faucets! (Maybe a kids playroom bar?!)" 
- The colorful materials used for the arm make cleaning a breeze when there is no surface for fingerprints to be left!

Adding greenery/plants to your room
"A pop of greenery can add color to the space without competing with the other colors in your scheme. Nature tends to invigorate us, so by adding a succulent here and there it can bring life to the space."
- Succulents are an easy plant to upkeep! Low maintenance, and hard to kill. That is ease of glamour in the living ladies and gents!


"Hanging seating has got me all *heart eyes* over here. I love how it lifts the eye off the floor AND leaves no room for dust bunnies underneath! A quick swiffer and TADAA clean as a whistle."

"This boat inspired swing is seriously to die for."

"And who says you can't convert a typical glider to a hanging rocking chair in a nursery?!"

Making luxurious life livable, one product and trend at a time. These are our friday favs!

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