Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Floating Vanities ... all the rage or preparing for a flood?

For some time now, you might have seen a vanity... mounted several inches up onto the wall... with a space below.
Aka ... a floating vanity.

But why? You ask. Are we anticipating an overflow of the bathtub? Or bad plumbing? 

You know us better than that... We are here today to tell you why FLOATING VANITIES are ALL the rage and how amazing they really are.

1. It visually increases the wall height:
By floating the vanities, you are telling the eye to look up. And this makes the wall appear stretched and taller, therefore more luxurious, open and clean.

TCI Project

2. The idea creates more floor space in a small area.
Yes, while it may not be usable floor space, you have the appearance of extra, beautiful flooring and can accentuate a speciality tile or wood.
TCI Project

3. When doubled up and mirrored across a room, you create a simplistic freeing space.
We love this look across a bathroom. Just by raising these vanities up, we gave the room a breath of fresh air.
TCI Project

4. It creates a clean appearance.
Yes, while it may be a pain in the neck to clean (#sorry #beautyispain) it will APPEAR cleaner, fresher and beautiful.
TCI Project

Are you ready to raise the roof (i mean vanity)??

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