Tuesday, March 7, 2017

STYLE THAT: Kitchen Edition

Each and every area of the home has a unique way of being styled that makes it just as important as the next.

We've discussed bookcases, nightstands and china cabinets ... today we tackle the arguably the most important statement in the home.
The Kitchen

1. Large Statement Vases in Color Scheme-
Choosing a pair of tall ceramic pieces within the color scheme will instantly spruce up an island or empty corner without cluttering
TCI project

2. Less is Best- 
Instead of lining up the toaster, blender and kitchen aid mixer... neatly tuck them away in a cabinet and choose small groupings of glass cloches or vases to stack in corners of the kitchen cabinets to pop a color or texture or interest instead of a messy appliance. 
TCI project

3. Whispy Florals:
Bring some height to your room by adding a tall vase of faux whispy florals for a change of texture and medium 
TCI project

4. Food Items as Decor:
You guessed it! Speaking of a kitchen...use items such as lemons for a yellow color scheme, oranges, etc to add to a bowl will bring a natural element to the kitchen 
TCI project

Cook up some beautiful designs!

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