Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wallpaper Lingo - A Little Learning Tip

It is no secret that Traci Connell Interiors loves us some wallpaper. 
No, we aren't in the business of matching wallpaper to curtains like the 80's ... 
don't worry. BUT we are in the business of creating WOW factors and adding 
the unordinary to your home.

Have you ever heard someone talking about wallpaper and felt completely lost? 
We thought you might like a little crash course in wallpaper lingo... Listen closely because there will be a pop quiz at the end.... (jk)

A Repeat:
The repeat is the number between one design element and the next... the "repeats" on the wallpaper.
Don't be confused though between a small pattern being a lot of "repeats". Some small patterned wallpaper may be slightly different and actually have a large repeat.

Pattern Match:
This refers to how the wallpaper will be adjusted on the wall so the design matches up. Some patterns have a straight match, and requires little adjustment. Some other patterns require a drop match and have more waste than the prior.

 Some other patterns require a drop match and have more waste than the prior.

And yet other patterns have a random match, and you are able to line the wallpaper up easily with almost no waste.  

A typical American roll of paper is 27" wide and many manufacturers will make "double rolls" with twice the amount of paper for ease of purchasing and installing.

We believe wallpaper makes a LARGE impact and is worth every bit of the confusing language that it comes with !

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