Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wallpaper 101 Continued ....

Earlier in the week we educated you guys on wallpaper lingo.... 
Today we are showing you the "odd" places to use wallpaper that actually AID in the design.

Wallpaper is like good make up; it can disguise or enhance elements that we choose. It can hide irregularities, or create separate zones for better function.

Here are some perfect solutions to needed help:

Have an off-kiltered design place in your home... accentuate it with a little wallpaper to make it seem ON PURPOSE.

Many people have these "under the stairs" powder baths ... this designer wrapped the ceiling down the wall to pull the eye to the design of the paper not the low ceilings.

Another powder bath flaw... many can be tiny. Instead of a coat of paint that may make it feel closed in, wrap that bath with a patterned paper for pop and creativity.

Got uneven walls or bumpy areas in the sheet rock? A good wallpaper installer can smooth that out and hide the flaws with wallpaper in no time.

Who says wallpaper has to be inside?? Outside is just as fun and surprising as well!

Add texture ... many people are in to these reclaimed wood walls. But with wood comes mold, allergies, dust etc. This TEXTURED wallpaper looks and feels real. 

Take the place of art - No need for an art piece when your wallpaper mural says it all.

Who's convinced? Hopefully this "week of wallpaper" got you on board!

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