Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Don't Knock the Kiddie Table

Part of our business is making design and beauty AND life all one easy mess. 

That INCLUDES those kiddos. Many of our clients have young kids (and even our designers! So they are first hand witnesses). Lots of kids want a space to call their own as well! They see their parents dreams coming true, and why wouldn't they want theres to as well?

We make that a priority. 

Right now, one of our own designers is working on a new desk niche for her two kids. So while looking for inspiration for her own house, she was inspired for future clients as well!

HOW TO create the kids "space" without disrupting the flow of the house:

TCI recently finished this beautiful home, and in it was this wonderful little nook for a young kid to dream, grow and learn. 
Lesson #1 - Even modern chairs come pint sized: We died at this orange mini desk chair.

TCI Project

Lesson #2: Work with the color scheme:
Creating their own space + making it jive with the rest of the room all starts with coordinating the colors

Lesson #3: Choose furniture that fits the flow and style of the space
Don't bring in a giant purple bean bag if the rest of the space is clean lined and neutral. This behind-sofa console table turned childs desk is amazing.

Lesson #4: Think adult style but miniature. Would you have even noticed this was a kids corner at first?! How stinkin cute is the mini table and chairs 

Lesson #5: Keep in line with the function of the room. If the room is used as an office space, create a mini office for the child. 

Ease of glamour ... this is exactly what we mean by this phrase. Making design easy yet glamorous and working for every phase of your life.

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