Thursday, January 5, 2017

Favorite Color? The Psychology of Blue

It's no lie that TCI likes the color blue. 
While we have a ongoing portfolio of color after color in all our clients homes, we do have quite a few clients that choose to use the color blue in some form or fashion!


We are looking into the psychology of the color BLUE today. There are many articles written on this subject!

Blue is the color of the sky and sea, it has a calming effect on most. 
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It represents trust, truth, wisdom and stability. Blue greens can feel more creative while deep blues feel more serene. Theres many shades within the color BLUE.

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The water element in blue represents relaxation and confidence. Feng Shui uses the color blue in lighter hues to represent youth.

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When one remembers the color blue, they may think of a Caribbean vacation they had been on, or long walks on the beach, hence giving the person a relaxed and calm sense of being.
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It's versatile and well-loved. You really can't go wrong using blue in a design. It works in any room of the house, from the playroom to the master bathroom.

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Everyone has their preference on shades of blue... whether light or dark, this color will be a classic one for the ages!

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