Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tricks and Trends to Find the Way through Winter

Here in Texas, the weather has changed overnight from high 80's to low 60's during the day! 
(Which if you're from around here, you know the 60's are considered cold)

As with every change in season, it brings fresh perspective, new ideas and motivation. 
We are pumped to share our latest ideas to get your home in "winter shape".

To get you inspired, we splashed a few of our key elements together for a mood board:

1. Gray and textural furniture:
What screams winter more than cozy and what is cozier than a piece of furniture you can sink into with a soft, textural fabric. And gray is light and bright to complement WHITE, which is the key color for winter.
This particular sectional is from Arhaus and we are LOVING their furniture line. Check them out!

2. Crystal Light Fixtures:
The "icicle" metaphor is played up in these fixtures, what a fun way to sparkle light throughout your home

3. Color Scheme:
White, white, and white when paired with an icy blue, gray and a pop of navy is the scheme for this winter

4. Acrylic Chairs:
We love the look of acrylic furniture, and this winter we feel it sets the tone for the cool season

5. Fur and Sheepskin:
Not only is it soft and warm, but the white color especially follows suit perfectly with the winder scheme.

6. Marble Tables:
Again, pulling as much white into your home as possible, marble top tables are not only dainty, gorgeous but bring a solid cool stone texture to pair with your textured fabrics.

7. A Muted Rug:
Bring in that icy blue gray color into your room by selecting a rug that echoes a snowflake pattern abstractly in a muted tone.

8. Accessories
Don't forget candles, glass and mirrored objects to reflect the ring of the season!!

So while all these elements are wonderful in their own ways, HOW do you implement these into a room setting??

We are excited to show you a few sneak peeks from a recent TCI project that brings many of these ideas into play.

Winter inspirations *icy blue colors *crystal light fixture *snowflake inspired wallpaper

Winter inspirations *white on white *blue gray color scheme *textural furniture

Winter inspiration *acrylic furniture *white beauty

Winter inspiration *winter white accessories *silver *muted area rug *icy blue 

Enjoy the cooler weather and get to designing!

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