Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Glamour Guard Your Fabrics for No Foul Play!

Yep .... thats the face you know you don't ever want to see. BUT when you partner with Traci Connell Interiors to design and reform your home, you can be sure that even when you do see that face, that your fabrics are safe. 

How, you ask!? 
You think it sounds impossible. But when you see the ways TCI can "glamour guard" your home, allowing for an "ease of glamour", you won't think twice.

We recently attended a CEU about performance fabrics and came away with a wealth of knowledge ready to implement in your homes immediately!

Check out these demonstrations!
A spill of red wine --

GONE! Like it never happened! Crypton fabrics at their finest 
This gray Sunbrella fabric had a bleach pen taken to it, and after a wipe off --- nothing was damaged!

The best part is, these fabrics FEEL and LOOK luxurious and glamourous. Anyone would want them in their homes. 

TCI Project

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