Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wine Rooms and Cabinets .. and a First Hand Experience!

Happy Summer! 
Recently, we have been working on several custom wine rooms and sleek bar areas for our build to suit projects, so my trip to Napa Valley couldn't have come at a better time!
(Great excuse to travel for work inspiration:)

First stop was the home of one of my favorite wines, Silver Oak, and they hit a home run for their bottle storage.  I love gathering first hand research and sipping along the way;).

The cave tour at Del Dotto was a treat as well since we tasted straight out of the barrels. 
If you haven't tried Alpha Omega or visited 
the winery, make it a must! It was definitely 
a pleasant surprise!

A Client Project - Custom Wine Room and Bar!

This custom wine room and bar in our lovely client's home has come to life with the concepts and visions from both our team and client!

From this snippet of their blueprint, you can see how the wine room and bar area serves as a connector between the Great Room and Study

We started from several gorgeous Wine Room concepts to get our wheels turning.

We loved the idea of using storefront glass to add a modern touch and showcase the collection.

From this point, we do what we do best at 
TCI...we provide great visuals for our clients
in order for them to see the space created 
before it is built.

We took the concept of showcasing three 
large specialty bottles and added the client's idea of a large lazy susan to the center... and it came to life.


For the Bar area, we loved this streamlined look that provided a modern yet organized appearance.

Thinking outside the box with the flip 
cabinet doors, 
 yet providing adequate storage for 
Scotch and glassware.

We can't wait to see this space complete!! 
Stay tuned for more ... ;)


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