Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bathroom Makeover Tips and a Makeover for Myself

Finally... I am knee deep in my very own bathroom remodel after listening 
to my shower head's constant drip for over a year... we are almost there! 
An interior designer planning her own space is a daunting task... we want 
everything and can't decide between the best of the best!

As I scoured social media for ideas, I came across many bathroom makeover tips that 
are snazzy, different , and unique.

First...a sneak peek of mine! The smoky antique glass, mirrored front custom cabinet
 shows a reflection of the tile work, free standing bath tub and 
modern plumbing fixtures. It is coming along 
slowly but surely!

Here are a few of our favorite tips from around the web!!

1. Shapely Tile:
We like to mix odd shaped tiles on flooring and walls. The abstract shapes lend an 
eye to new and different!


2. Sculptural Tub:
Some of our favorite bathrooms have freestanding, shaped tubs in them. We love the
look that they give and transform a bathroom with.


3. Statement Tile:
Finding the PERFECT tile can be challenging, but when you find it, you know it
will be the showstopper of the space.


4. Herringbone Flooring:
Changing up the ordinary to the un-ordinary is the best. A typical floor might be on
straight lay or brick lay ... but the herringbone trumps!


5. Statement Mirrors:
A mirror above the vanity can be simple, easy fix. Or you can change it up to something
quite unexpected and change a bathroom completely.

What would you add to YOUR dream bathroom?

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