Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perfectly Patterned - Houndstooth

Pattern Focus -- The age old pattern of Houndstooth

It is a 19th century creation coming from Scotland, 
where it was originally worn by sheepherders!
(that's your history blurb for the day ;)

Houndstooth jumped into the fashion land in the early 20th century and 
has been going strong ever since! 
Here are a few reasons why and where to use it in your everyday life and home!

1. Go Big: We love the oversized houndstooth. The large graphic pattern is a nice addition to any room of solid colors to help liven it up.

2. Upholstery - Tight and Fitted: Houndstooth looks best when it is tightly upholstered so the pattern can be stretched evenly over the furniture piece.

3. Walls in Small Doses: This pop of houndstooth backsplash turns this whole room upside down. In small spaces, use this bold pattern!!

4. Pillows and Accessories: Many times, it's easiest to find this pattern in small pillows or trays in accessory pieces to add a punch of pattern to the space.

Houndstooth YOUR house!! And use our tips!

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