Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fun Features in Family Rooms

Bring the FUN into your family room!

We always like to incorporate meaningful things into spaces for our clients, and it's even better when its something fresh, new and unique!

We like to research new and different ideas often so we can throw out fun ideas for clients and see if we can get a bite
Here are a few of our favorites from our latest round of searching!

1. Custom family mural. 
This can be traditional or modern! However you plan it out! Incorporating each family member into the mural can be very special and fun at the same time!


2. Family travel world map:
We love this. Painting a world map onto the wall and marking each place the family visits.


3. The trusty "chalkboard wall":
While you may have seen this idea before, we like how this room echoes the black and white design throughout and the chalkboard wall just easily flows into the design.


4. Lively Artwork and Unique Lighting:
This room without the art and lighting would be an otherwise ordinary room. But with one splash of bright art and a large open light, the room comes to life.

Call us to find out what we can throw into YOUR family room to liven it up!!

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