Thursday, April 16, 2015

Set the Tone with Flooring

Different types of flooring can set the stage for the whole room...
and we are knee deep in selecting options for our new build projects!

Let's start with Exhibit A : The Bedroom! Once you've selected what stage you will set with your floor, the rest will fall into place.

Here are 5 ways to kick start your most restful room.

1. Go soft with silk: You can't go wrong with a cloud like texture beneath your toes. This will give the room a relaxed, comfortable sense of style

2. Warm up with wood: For a more refined, clean and sharp look, we choose wood. This will also give the space a warm glow with the color of wood.

3. Add a pop with colorful rug: When the room starts to become monochrome, we add a colorful rug to separate the tones.

4. Weave texture with sisal: For a more natural, earthy style, the sisal or jute rug can be used. This brings the outdoors in and feel almost like a retreat or spa atmosphere.

5. Be refined yet weathered: Wanting to feel comfortable yet not completely put together? This look is for you. A rough painted wood floor transforms the style of this room.

What do YOU choose for your style and look? 
How do you step out of your bed each morning?

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