Thursday, March 5, 2015

On this icy day... Why WHITE is the ultimate POP of color.

Well, because it's MARCH and it looks like THIS outside:

We decided to post about why we actually DO love WHITE so much!! 
Instead of using turquoise or blue to be the POP of color, 
why not use white to accent instead?

Here are the top reasons why:
- It adds drama to neutral colors - gives a clean fresh pop to the space

- If a room has lots of pattern, white will balance out the busyness.

- It gives the eye a break by separating light from dark

- It creates a softer appearance to bold colors.

- Even a little is enough: You don't need a lot of white for 
it to stick out and create the perfect mix of colors

Try it! (or just bring some snow inside) !!!

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