Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Creative Desks for Gloomy Days

If you live around Dallas, TX ... you know it feels like it has either been snowing, sleeting or raining for several weeks now! While we still get out and about to meet with clients and be creative ... we have been spending a lot of time watching the rain from our desks.

Why not have a really CREATIVE desk to work from?!

You desk can define what work comes out of you. Do you want it to be fresh, new and inspired? Start by finding a desk that is those exact things.

Here are a few of our favorites from around the web.

The Dip Desk:
With a perfect notch for a book or two, this desk separates the two work spaces perfectly for multiple users to function adequately.

The Reclaimed Wood Desk:
This screams natural. And natural always helps the mind feel refreshed and renewed.


The Nook Desk:
Having a desk custom made to the form of a nook can help by saving space but also opening up a new view to see through beautiful windows in the comfort of work.


The Well Lit Desk:
It is always important to have great lighting while working. No one likes to strain their eyes or squint at a piece of paper. This design shows a new and fun way to bring light into your space.


The Chalkboard Nook Desk:
Do you find yourself writing on post-it notes all day long? And then loosing those post-it notes? WE DO. Why not write it on chalkboard? That can't get lost, and it looks adorable.

Hope you feel inspired to go out, get to work, and be creative!

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