Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finding the Bohemian in Design

A design trend that we have been seeing spark lately is the
"bohemian" style in many ways.

Before we even knew it, we had created our own little seemingly bohemian room for my 17 year old daughter! See HERE for the full post on this surprise!

But what IS "bohemian" really? And how do you channel it??
We have a few tips to get you in the know on this new trend!

1. Embrace the botanicals:
Succulents, wildflowers, you name it. Bring these inside to celebrate all day long.

2. Don't be afraid of textiles:
Mix, match, and don't match all at the same time!!

3. Create a focal point and curate:
Figure out a small area to feature something unique and different, and create a story for it.

4. Bring the indoors out:
We always say bring the outdoors in .. but in this case ... open your indoors to the beautiful outside!!

Step out and be different. Thats what design is all about ;)

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