Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm Going for It: The Scoop on Shower Enclosures

Well it's about time ... but I am actually getting around to
And I couldn't be more excited or overwhelmed!

(I feel your remodel pains as I emptied out my entire bathroom and 
closet and carried it up the stairs... at least a 100 loads:)

 Be prepared to hear lots more about the plans and pains going into this remodel coming soon.

In honor of my bathroom remodel starting, we thought we'd fill you in on our favorite types of shower enclosures and WHY:

Go for Full Enclosure:
Soak in the steam and stay a while. We love the full enclosure for so many reasons, including warmth, cleanliness and streamline design.

Soften the Surfaces:
Be creative and show off your personality with some patterned shower curtains. This also creates a nice "frame" to your shower that would otherwise be hard and cold!

Be Creative in Tricky Spaces:
If you have a strange shaped space ... take note and start a new trend!

Pull off the Sliding Door Mechanism:
We love the "barn door" appearance on a shower, and are currently completing one in a 
bachelor pad project!!

Fold it Away:
You don't see this often, but in order to save space and mess, some shower enclosures can be created with a "fold away" mechanism that is unique and functional all in one!

Stay tuned to hear more about my BATH REMODEL and
 we know you'll all be waiting on pins and needles!!

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