Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cozy up with a Throw Blanket!

On a cold day like today ... what is the BEST thing to cozy up with?? 
Your favorite, soft, and fluffy blanket of course!!

But did you know that a throw blanket can also set the 
tone for the decor of the room as well??

We are here to show you a few of our favorite ways to let a blanket stand out in the room... 
and take center stage!

This just might be the most interesting thing we've seen out there -- 
How do you feel about it?? Draping a throw blanket through an arm chair to completely change the look and feel?
Of course the most common -- a throw at the end of the bed
We love this aztec inspired, comfy look.
For a more formal "gold" look. This tailored greek key blanket, perfectly folded and draped over the sofa, gives a pop of pattern to an otherwise solid room.
For a heavier, bachelor pad look -- bring out the fur. Thick fur blankets always make a room feel more plush and gives depth.
We just loved this folded throw on this bed. Ahh perfection.
This throw blanket really brings all the colors throughout this very colorful room together! 
What a pop of red!
Now go -- take an afternoon break and find a THROW BLANKET

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