Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Houzz Survey - Remodel Trumps Selling in 2014

According to Houzz ... Remodels are all a-go last year and this year again!

As we are knee deep in our own remodels we wanted to share a few tips on how to make quick changes that create big differences!

By using just a few simple finishes, we transformed this Design Delivered client's
small guest bath below into a gray and white clean escape!

1. Change out plumbing fixtures :
This makes a huge difference. Get away from the old, dirty 4" spread and choose a newer, clean lined 8" spread faucet to accent your vanity.

2. Switch your vanity light for something unique:
Whether it is a new industrial look, or glass speciality ... do away with the old down lights!

3. Coat of paint:
A fresh paint color can go a long way. Refresh your bath with a subtle calming tone to set the mood

4. Framed vanity mirror:
Instead of the old builder's mirror - try a newer framed mirror for style!

As always -- Give Traci Connell Interiors a CALL to help with your latest remodel!

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