Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kick your coffee table to the CURB.

Are you looking for a more versatile piece for your living room centerpiece??

These days we go back and forth between casegood coffee tables and fabric ottomans. 
And many times it is a complete personal preference!

Here are a few top reasons why you might 
fall in LOVE with an ottoman.

1. Soft and Comfortable. Great to prop your feet up after a long day

2. It's kid and pet friendly! With rounded, padded corners and a soft top, children don't hit their head and the dogs thinks they earned a new seat in the house!


3. Adds a pop of pattern and color to your space. Many times it brings
 the whole color scheme together!


4. It can double as a coffee table.... by adding a decorative tray for a hard surface


5. It helps to break up the wood tones around the room! 
Fabric always brings a softer appearance.

Sneak peek of a NEW TCI project we are featuring later in the week!!

So what do you LOVE? 
(Also, be sure to click on the links to each image to see more of the TCI projects on Houzz!)

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