Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top 5 Design and Inspiration Websites and Blogs

Do you find yourself surfing the web for ideas, inspiration, 
or trends about interior design?

What about if you are building a new home or renovating a space?
 Need some ideas to help you along?

We have 5 favorite websites that we LOVE to utilize to their fullest capabilities. 
Step into our world and check them out!

1. Houzz : 
This is a website that allows professionals to create portfolios and upload images of their work. Anyone can go on Houzz and create "idea books" and add any photos that they like to their account. You can search with any keyword such as "sectional" or "white kitchen" and Houzz will show you any and every photo that has to do with that keyword. 

Many people may already be very familiar with this website ;) This website almost acts like another "search engine" in which you can literally search for anything you'd like and then "repin" photos to your "boards" that you create. Anyone can upload images to pinterest from online or your own computer.

DecorPad is a source for decorating, renovating, and home building. Anyone can upload images to their different categories and that makes these photos searchable to the web, giving everyone new ideas and inspiration!

While this is also a great magazine, their website is a great resource for any questions, tips and trends that may be going on in the world. There are many articles and photo galleries to search and browse.

Also another magazine that gives even more information and articles online. This website trends more to the DIY person and gives many tips and ideas for homemade design ideas.

Check these websites out and you might just find yourself 
ready to start your own project!!

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