Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Highland Park Home Renovation and Design: 3rd Time's a Charm!

Our wonderful client that we have now completed 2 different homes for has....

You guessed it!

Moved Again! 

This time to a 1936 home in Highland Park.

From brand new Frisco, TX  home, to a high rise in Uptown Dallas, and she has now landed in this adorable Highland Park home that we can't wait to make spectacular.

At one time or another, all of her homes have been the cover photos on our website's homepage. 

Here is a flashback from the past:
Her Highrise Apartment in Uptown :

And she's now completed this amazing project: Highland Park Renovation

Her living/kitchen area demo

We completed multiple areas:

Master Bathroom: A Beautiful Mother of Pearl Hex Insert for her Shower along 
with a creamy white stone flooring.

 A few elevations and drawings to help put a picture together.

And after it all came to LIFE!!

Stunning Kitchen:
White cabinetry, Kashmir White granite, and calcutta marble....couldn't get any better!!

We were very excited to see this kitchen come to life!

And after lots of handwork -- it finally did!!

 And below is the BEFORE pic of the kitchen:

Family Room:

 After the dust and dirt cleared from all the construction, her new family room was begging to be completed! So we began to pull concepts and create a floorplan layout for this space:

Check it out!

 Clean, transitional lines....with a punch of new.

When it was all said and done--- this masterpiece was complete:

This renovation took the old and turned it into brand new in a fantastic way!
 Let us know if you have a renovation just waiting to get started!!

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