Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Cleaning - How to Update Your Home in Seconds

Looking for a way to put your kids to work this summer when they are home from school ;) ?? You might want to check out these tips to get prepared for the next few months! 


I have a 10x15 Storage unit to clean out = dreading it

But for all of you staying indoors, 
we've put together a list of 7 ways that will help you enjoy your summer cleaning efforts!!

1. Make your Entrance Inviting:
Jazz up your Front Door with a fun color or simply add a few colorful
 potted plants to liven up your front steps

2. Light up the Kitchen:
An easy update to your kitchen -- switch out your light fixture to
something with more clean lines and lighter finishes

3. Paint or Paper a Wall:
A fresh coat of paint, or even a bold new wallpaper,
can quickly give a space a whole new look!

4. Update your Hardware:
A fast and fabulous fix to your kitchen. Explore new hardware with
straight bars and give your kitchen a facelift!
5. Put Dimmers on the Lights
Adding a dimmer to your lights will help to set ambiance in a room and
 give you the option of bright or dim.
6. Dress up your Fireplace:
Layer unique items and add natural pieces to create a spring fireplace setting

7. Create Storage in Decorative Ways:
Have you been thinking about organizing those piles of paper and mess? Use clean boxes and cube shelving to create a storage solution that is pleasing to the eye!
Good Luck this Summer!

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