Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Client Projects: Wallpaper - No Longer a Thing of the Past

Well we are here to tell you that TODAY we are using new and improved wallpaper... all.the.time.

Wallpaper source - Osborne and Littie : ID Collection
…and in unique places!

Not so much has the actual wallpaper changed, but how and when to use it. There is a time and place… and a WAY to use this neat special touch in your home.

1. Use as an accent in a "showstopper" area: 
This entry wall of a modern loft we completed needed to have a very specific 
and intentional "wow" factor. When we found this wallpaper that incorporated 
our color scheme perfectly, we knew we have found a match.

Wallpaper Source- Designers Guild : ID Collection

2. Use wallpaper as "art":
This wall in a study area was a large blank canvas for us as designers. Instead of 
filling it up with a collage of artwork or one large piece, we decided to create a 
wall mural out of this spectacular wallpaper and frame out the wall in a 
coordinating painted molding.

Wallpaper source - JF Fabrics

3. Make your powder bath unique:
Powder baths are the perfect places to showcase a patterned wallpaper. 
The area is small so you can really find a wallpaper that is different!

Wallpaper source - JF Fabrics

4. Wallpaper an entire room:
When you do this, it has to be very intentional and most of the time, the wallpaper 
should have a repetitive or geometric pattern to it, as to not overwhelm the space. 

Wallpaper source - Kravet

5. Use wallpaper to become the backs of built in bookcases:
No need to have a boring white painted inside of a bookcase!! Why not jazz it up 
with something different?? This makes the accessory decorating much easier 
because your eye is caught by the amazing wallpaper instead of each little accessory ;)

Wallpaper source - Osborne and Littie : ID Collection

Is anyone sold yet?? 

Does anyone remember these days??

When the wallpaper pattern matched the curtain pattern??

Call us to help you know when, where and HOW to put
 wallpaper to good use in your home!!

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