Monday, February 6, 2012

Wicked: Sushi Style!

Surrounded by Sushi!

Yes, that is a sushi inspired set of ottomans complete with strips of cucumber
in the middle and a removable seaweed wrap.

  So cute and versatile... and creative to boot.

I ran into this young designer at Vegas Market and it is
quite a concept she has "rolled" out... ha:).

In turn, I was craving sushi which lead me first to 
Tao in Vegas
and then to 
Uchiko in Austin-

Girls weekend to celebrate Avery's birthday and visit with Ashley
(yes, I had the hammer out within 15 minutes of arriving
so I could fix the crooked full length mirror in her bedroom- sigh).

We ate Pork Belly... yummy interesting
and grilled our flank steak on a hot rock... 
lots of giggles at our table!

Then we were off to Wicked!

If you do not know my obsession with Wicked,
click here
and here:)

I've seen it 5 times in the last two years...
(4 times in one year.. yikes)
London, San Fran, Dallas, New York and Austin.

(I'd like to get one more in this year:)

Back to Sushistyle which is the name of Mimi's company...

If you are "craving" something different in your space,
maybe this is the whimsy you've been looking for!

Until next time,

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