Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished in NYC

I scored in the Big Apple...

As I mentioned in my Bday blog post here, I was on a quest to see the Broadway
musical, Wicked, for the fourth time in nine months!  Yes, you can call me a groupie...
I don't deny it. 

London in December, San Francisco in April, Dallas in June
and NYC in September!

There was no stopping me!

 NYC Mission One...accomplished!

I do have to say that I had a smile on my face the entire show.  There's something
about the music that just "gets" me... not sure, but I do love it~  I have to say
that I am satisfied with my Wicked quota this year:).

The real reason for my jaunt to NYC last week was to attend the
Creating beautiful design work is only half of running my business! 

Now to the next best part of my trip-

NYC Mission Two... accomplished!

I met my Interior Design Mentor... Idol?... Icon?...
(or all of the above!)

She is an Interior Design superstar who not only creates stunning spaces but
has a widely recognized design blog... and now a product line, soon a web based tv show,
art gallery... and more!

Her sense of style and use of color and pattern where the first things that caught my eye
and I'm ready to infuse some of Fun with Color in your home. 

Hey~ if they can do it in Arkansas, we can do it in Dallas!

Here are a few pics of her fabulous work:


I've shown this to several of you for inspiration- love the stripes on the cocktail ottoman

Here I go again with the turquoise and orange- fabulous space!

More on my trip in posts to come, but for now...

Cheers to the vibrant city of New York...

Until next time,

Images via*  Moi, Tobi Fairley,

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