Monday, September 13, 2010

I found 5 pounds in NYC...

How can I give you a report about my NYC trip without talking about food? 

First of all, this was ridiculous-

A must have for me was The Reuben... but geez!  I didn't make a dent in it!

My $25 sandwich from Carnegie Deli went to waste, as I had to high tail it to the airport-

Another staple of mine is the almighty Bagel

Thick and doughy from Ess-a Bagel... yummy-
I brought a dozen home on the plane:)

Saw this when walking to dinner!

Yes, Rachel, it would have been fun if I had an extra day...

But ended up here instead-

I had a great dish... Penne alla Vodka (fitting for me)- however, you would
never know I was 50% Italian by the way this Georgia Girl was
pronouncing most of the dishes... sorry Dad!

After dinner around 9 pm (my bedtime), the girls wanted to head here-

Times Square... so I perked up and made my way.

More food...

(Austin's favorite)

which reminded me of Interior Design (always)...

Have you ever seen a chair made of candy?

Thanks to fellow blogger Traci Zeller for these delicious photos!

So, what's a business trip without a little indulgence?

Now back to real chairs:)

Until next time,

Images via*  Moi, Traci Zeller, Ess-a- Bagel


  1. Now I'm craving a New York bagel!! Then when I got to the candy chair photos, I thought hmmmm .... maybe some Tootsie Rolls! ;-) Thanks for using my fun photos!

    Your trip to NYC sounds fantastic. So glad you had such a great time!

  2. You're right that Reuben is ri-dic-u-lous!!!
    Glad you had a great time in NYC!!

  3. Thanks girls... it was a blast and now I have to fast!!!!!


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