Friday, September 3, 2010

The Perfect Dining Chair!

While I am away, my blog is still working!

The one thing
I always tell my clients...

"Less is More"- perhaps I should follow my own advice when sourcing dining room chairs for my DINKs
While searching for chairs that have an upholstered seat and wood back, I came across a
simple Louis Chair and loved the clean lines as well as endless possibilities of styling! 

Although these are not right for my DINKs, they may work for you!

Start here and watch the ideas multiply!

Simple chairs but add drama by using two fabrics-
my personal fav is an upholstered back
with a faux leather seat (practicality!)

(also, totally okay to add two different host chairs at each end of the table..
or in this case with the round- mixed in)

Let the walls do the work! Louis chairs paired with a custom banquette... ahhhh

On top of beauty, here's another way to add a custom feel for less.
 Change out the fabric
on the back side of the chair only-

Another example~

Can't get much simpler than this, but what an impact! Is it the chandelier?

You can always add nailhead and paint, paint paint!!!!

Remember, the chairs don't have to match the table. 
It's all about making the colors, patterns and finishes work together...
 I can help you do that!

You know I'm totally in love with the photo above:)

We are getting close to making a decision for the DINKs dining set and this chair is the front runner...

Will the finish be white? Espresso? Red? Will the seat be a green faux croc?
 Decisions... decisions...

I'll keep you updated!

Until next time,

Images via* Cottage Living, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Renovation Style,

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