Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Refresh Your Space with a Coat of Paint!

We're thinking outside the box here at CI!

I've been busy with several of my custom build jobs and wanted
to share the design direction of one client's home-
we'll call her...

Fond'a Rhonda!
(since I do happen to be very fond of her:)

Here's one of our inspiration photos:

(not sure of source... Traditional Home??)
and another...

Notice that it all starts with a paint color-


Want to give your
space a refresher?

Color is a great little trick that is inexpensive and 
(hopefully) fun to implement. PAINT

Repainting a room can bring a completely different feel to your space
create a more clean appearance and lift the spirits of it's inhabitants!

But what color should you paint your "need a refresher" space?! 
Here are a few ideas, tips and tricks.

Gray is becoming the ultimate neutral because it looks good 
with almost any color.

When you hear 'gray' you think dreary, but this is a wonderful gray 
that has a lot of light in it, especially when paired with white trim.
Plus, it's a color that works well with 
so many other colors.

Soft Blues. A color that pretty much everyone loves and lives with daily. 
It is easy on the eye and easy to live with.

Be Bold. Rich Colors create amazing contrast. It may seem like a 
huge undertaking to select such a dark color, but if you pair it 
with whites, lights and neutrals, it could be a "stunning" effect. 
(This paint color shown below is "Stunning" by Benjamin Moore ;) )


For added interest and immediate art, use your paint 
on your walls as your art
Create thick, horizontal stripes in small areas of your home to WOW 
you every time you walk by. 
No need for that stairwell to be boring!!


Look outdoors... What do you see?? Bring a color that is 
inherently outside your home, to the inside of your home
If you live in a place like THIS, then you have no problem doing that! 
The beautiful teal of the ocean makes for a huge impact in the 
turquoise walls of this home. 

House of Turquoise had a great find. See more of this home HERE.

Create dimension. If you live have a very small area, 
or a wide open area, there are some situations that allow a pop of color 
in contrast with the rest of the walls in the house or room.

 Choose wisely. This pairing below of navy and taupe is an excellent 
choice as the navy blends well with the furnishings and creates a 
dramatic wall to lead you outdoors.

And don't just leave the painting to the walls
Check out Centsational Girl's refinishing post here to grab a 
few ideas to give your FURNITURE 
a refresher!

Just look at your cabinets and envision "gray" for a moment...
think you can take the plunge?

Until Next Time,


  1. Hey there, I stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and wanted to say hi. These photos are stunning and you have great information. I'll keep checking back. Have a great night.


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